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Quality, innovation and experience have been the main factors for our success for more than 20 years now!


“ŽEMAIČIŲ VIRVĖS” is a manufacturing company producing a wide selection of cords, those including:

  • Woven cords made of either synthetic or natural fibres – 3 mm – 30 mm in diameter
  • Twisted cords made of either synthetic or natural fibres – 1 mm – 40 mm in diameter
  • Linen cords – 3 mm – 40 mm in diameter
  • Twines made of linen polyamide mixture, cotton polyamide mixture, polyamide, linen and cotton
  • Tow ropes are made of nylon/polyamide – 13 mm – 56 mm in diameter

The production of the company is used in fishing, building and construction, marine industry, agriculture, etc. Twines are used in gardening and meat production industry.

In order to guarantee high quality of the production and to meet the constantly growing needs and requirements of the customers, we consistently adapt new technologies to our processes.

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